We feel proud to have setup so many Dentists with fully tailored magnification systems.

See what they had to say about optiloupe...

Dr Fatima P

​VDP Dentist London

"optiloupe loupes are great, they are lightweight, easy to use, and the light is very handy! They make everything from endo to cons a lot easier."

Dr Pano K

VDP Dentist London



" I've quite enjoyed using them, find them especially useful when i'm looking at those tricky canals, and the best part is that they're so affordable and just as good as the 1K ones!"

Dr Layla T

VDP in London

"Everyone is aware of visual benefits of using loupes in Dentistry, but for me the improvement in my posture and the fact that I no longer get back pain since using them is why I find them so beneficial!"

Dr Sean D

VDP in London

"Highly recommended, amazing value for money, if you're looking to buy yourself a first pair of loupes then this is it!! Works wonders and will make your dentistry much more precise"

Dr Kunal D

GDP in Australia

"Love the loupes! Physically can't do the Dentistry without them"