Precise, Powerful
Surgical Magnification
- 5 ​ Step or Continuous Zoom
- Integrated LED Illumination
- Camera and Software Compatible 

Optiloupe | Scope offers a comprehensive surgical microscope setup at an affordable price.


Our precision microscope delivers an unparalleled optical magnification quality of up to 24.0x with integrated LED illumination and integrated high resolution camera included as standard.


We have made sure that our microscope includes everything an aspiring clinician would need from a new microscope, without charging extra for add on features.


Top Features

· 5 Step Magnification Range High specification magnification changer allows for crystal focus delivery of 2.4x, 4.0x, 6.0x, 10.0x and 16.0x  magnifications (extendable to 30.0x if required) Achieved with simple step changer, or continuous zoom, no need to change eyepiece or components.


· Integrated LED illumination High power LED light output integrated within the microscope, allowing for shadow free spot illumination of the magnification field. Our LED illumination system has a lifespan of up to 60,000 hours use and 100,000 Lux output.


· DSLR Adapter & Beam Splitter available to allow intergration of high resolution digital camera  into the microscope, allowing for easy capture of still images and videos of operating procedure. Perfect for patient notes, personal appraisal or live video feed for lecturing.


· Space saving floor mounted setup, neat and compact floor mounted setup allows for simple setup in any surgery. Lockable wheels also allow for the microscope to be easily transferred to other surgeries with minimal fuss.


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Technical Specifications

Click the image below to see technical specifications for the Opti Scope Labomed Prima DNT

Click the image below to see technical specifications for the Opti Scope Labomed Magna

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