Fitting your new light kit to your loupes.

If you have purchased a new light kit, then you will need to attach it to your loupes. Firstly, remove the old bulb. Using the allen key provided, unscrew the small silver allen screw at the base of the two black arms which are attached to the attachment on the loupes. Now, attach the new bulb using the screw provided (it is the same as the original screw you removed, it’s always a good idea to keep hold of any unused screws for spares). Tighten enough so that the light is held in place but can be adjusted (gentle pressure to find the desired location). Overtime multiple adjustments will cause the screw to come loose, slightly tightening the screw each week will ensure the bulb stays in place. Now the bulb is in place you can attach the cable to the bulb and battery and enjoy all the benefits 40,000 LUX of illumination brings!


Fitting your lanyard (head strap)

The lanyard has a hard tip at either end and an adjustment function in the middle. Squeeze the base of the hard tip. Keeping the base of the hard tip squeezed, push the open end of the tip over the arm. It is important to keep the base of the hard tip squeezed or you risk the body of the lanyard folding over the hard tip decreasing the length of the lanyard. You do not need to push the hard tip all the way to lens end of the frame arm, the only part of the lanyard that grips is the hard tip so you only need to push the lanyard an inch or so on to the arm.