Optiloupe was started by two dentists in order to supply tailor made loupes to dental surgeons.

As clinicians ourselves, we found magnifying the clinical field started to improve the quality of clinical work we were carrying out when using loupes, and with time the use of loupes became easier and more important.

Despite their numerous benefits, the biggest issue remained that other companies were charging a high premium for quality magnification systems.  We aimed to change this and introduced a range of tailored loupe and light systems aimed to get more people comfortable with the transition to magnification. This coupled together with our clinical experience tuned out to be very popular amongst Dental Surgeons up and down the UK. 

Our products have since received significant interest amongst all types of clinical professionals  from around the UK, Europe and Australia.

Whilst maintaining our focus on developing affordable magnification solutions, we have put even more effort on developing beautifully refined products that offer the most innovative solutions. 

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“We have put all our efforts into designing truly beautiful, and innovative magnification solutions. Our products speak for themselves, and strongly recommend you visit us or arrange a practice visit to see what we have to offer, you will be amazed - contact us" 

Dr Manny Singh - Founder